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Artist Statement

The nature of my work is autobiographical, a veiled visual diary of my experiences. Through the process of artmaking I search for a better understanding of my feelings and thoughts. Time and memory are my subjects, resulting in works that are full of familial, cultural, and political influences. Born in Argentina, I traveled widely while growing up; my father's profession as an architect took our family to such places as Colombia, Indonesia and New York. Early memories of experiencing new worlds and living among diverse cultures continue to flood my work today. I frequently work in series that are often diptych or triptych in structure. By using these formats, I can present multiple aspects of a given subject. Through the language of abstraction, I explore issues of confinement and borders, political injustice, alienation, loss and mortality. Ultimately my aim is to reflect on the part of our human spirit that perserveres and heals. The tension between opposites and the relationship that exists between the conceptual, the spiritual, and the material are pivotal in my work.


Diana González Gandolfi